Monday, April 14, 2008

Weigh In

Well, I was up 2 pounds at Thursday's weigh in. When I stepped up on the scale the lady looked at me and said, what did you do? Well, apparently I ate! But I mumbled something about "that time" and listened as she gave me a lecture on retaining water.(in front of everyone) It's my own fault. My weigh in the week before was really good. Down almost two pounds. So I rewarded myself. With a banana split Friday night. And Saturday. I wanted to fix another one this past Friday, ya know, to make me feel better. But I thought better of it. Plus, I knew that David wouldn't let me. He has really been after me since my weigh in. Asking how many points this or that is, telling me I really shouldn't eat that, and the worst, telling me I can't have birthday cake (gasp)


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