Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Funny

A couple of days ago I posted how Emily & Audrey have found a new love in emailing. If they have your address, this is nothing new to you. They are so funny instead of talking they email each other. Often times during the day I hear one say to the other, I sent you an email. This is followed by the sound of running feet to the computer. A few minutes later I hear, I just sent you one back go check it.

They send David emails throughout the day too, and if he’s not too busy he will reply back.
The other morning I was in the shower, and Audrey came running into the bathroom all upset. She started telling me that David would be gone until tomorrow morning. Having no clue what she was talking about, I told her what any other concerned frazzled mom would, I’m taking a shower, go away. It was at this point I realized she was really upset, because she wouldn’t leave. She told me again that David was gone and would not be back until tomorrow morning. After telling her, I don’t know how many times, that he would be home around 5:30 she finally told me he sent her an email. I knew then where the confusion was coming from. David was out of the office on Monday for training. Here is the email reply she got back.

I’ll be out of the office until Tuesday morning April 1, 2008. I’ll respond to
your message then.Thanks for your patience.
David XXXXXPackaging Graphics


At Wednesday, April 02, 2008 , Blogger Crystal said...

That is a super cute story!
Also, great wordless Wednesday... you can see those poor little tears dripping down her face... breaks your heart!

At Wednesday, April 02, 2008 , OpenID my2boycircus said...

Cute story, poor Audrey, I can just imagine her poor face, being worried daddy wasn't coming home that night.

p.s Tell the girls to e-mail me at work, I would love to hear from them.


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