Wednesday, April 16, 2008


On Sunday nights we are currently going through the Way of the Master Training. David and a couple more guys are heading this up, and since I am taking the class we have been keeping the girls with us. Emily's bff also comes out to the class since her dad is helping, and her mom is taking it as well. A week or so ago we had to pair up with someone, give them a tract, and go over the good person test. Emily paired up with Bryanna and the following is what Emily told David after church.

*remember we were role playing and the idea was to come across like someone you might meet on the street. Emily was asking the questions of the good person test. Such as, have you ever told a lie

Daddy, Bryanna said she's never told a lie. And she said she's never taken
anything that was not hers. I told her, I don't know what lusting
means but you're gonna do that when your older.

Lusting, the newest word in Emily's vocabulary. She asked me the other day while watching The Flintstones if Barney and Fred were lusting after their dance teacher. Oh, my! I jerked my head up wanting to know where she had heard the word. She gave me a funny look and said it's in the bible.

If you would like to find out more about Way of the Master click HERE


At Wednesday, April 16, 2008 , Blogger Annette said...

They have tickled me, they have really enjoyed being in there. Bryanna took notes that same night on the steps of witnessing. She always asks on Sunday, mom are we doing way of the master tonight. That is very encouraging to see that they are enjoying it and picking up on the technique and paying such close attention to everything.


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